Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lots of different Santas!

On Friday Marty was invited to join an elite group of internationally successful plumbers, he even got to have a steak lunch. I decided that since I wasn't privileged enough to be invited that I was going to treat the boys to super elite day of Christmas fun. We went to the grocery store for some supplies, then we headed for the Mall. Last week I took the boys to Big Lots and had them each pick a toy to give to Toys for Totes, and we were going to drop it off and talk to the police officers, which they were very excited about. Tyson was a little awe struck by the officers.
The plan was to say hi to Santa and play at the play place. I don't push Dylan into doing stuff much anymore, so they played for a while and when he was ready we went over to see Santa. He really wanted to go first but pushed Tyson head of him instead. I didn't have my camera, but Tyson's face was classic. He just starred with no expression the whole time, it was hilarious. Dylan was all smiles and so excited once he realized it was ok. We had such a great time, they are so fun to hangout with, I just love, love them.
On the way home Dylan and I had the following conversation.
Dylan-Mom there are lots of different Santas.
Me-Yep you're right there are lots of different Santas.
Dylan- Why?
Me- Well , because there are so many kids in the world, there have to be alot of Santas to be able to get to all of their houses.
Dylan-Oh, there is the North Pole Santa, the Santa from the church, and Santa by the big tree.(at the Mall)
These were all of the Santas that he has seen this year. I was impressed that he was so observant and noticed that they were not the same. So now we have 3 Santas coming to our house this year. We have to make cookies for all of them. Cute stuff.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Polar Express

Thursday Marty's parents came up for a visit and to join us on the Polar Express.
Before our adventure to the North Pole, the boys got a surprise gift dropped off on the door step from Santa, new pjs. Dylan kept saying "Oh thank you Santa, Oh thank you Santa for the new jammies." That was only the beginning. We decided not to tell them what we were doing until right before we got to the train station. So worth it, they were so excited. If you know Dylan and Tyson, trains are their world, and to be able to ride on one and go to the North Pole, wow that was so exciting for them. They have both had the spirit of Christmas so much this year, it has been so cute to watch them. I have enjoyed watching the wonder and magic of the season through them.
At the depot waiting to get on the train.
Dylan looked out of his window almost the whole time. He was so cute, there was music playing, and he just danced and danced and watched himself in the reflections of the glass.
Arriving at the North Pole, Dylan was a little disappointed that we couldn't get off the train and take a tour of the North Pole.
Finally the moment they were waiting for, Santa. I kind of thought they were going to freak out, but no way. They have talked about Santa for so long and finally he was real to them, they loved him.
Dylan got to give him a high 5. He was a little sad that he didn't get to spend more time with Santa, he said after Santa passed, "But I want Santa to sit next to me." He didn't want to see him leave.
What a fun thing to do, it was so worth it to see that magic in their eyes. I hope that they understand that Christmas is really about our Savior and His birth. We have talked about that alot and they love Baby Jesus and the story of the Nativity. I hope they can see Santa as someone who loves our Savior and loves all of God's children. And as someone who is so giving, so kind and so happy. We hope that you all have a magical season.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pies and Perkins Family Christmas Party

I didn't realize how much I like to make pies until this year. I made a couple of pies of the Daddy Daughter Date for the Activity Day girls. They turned out pretty good so I decided to make a couple more for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving at home by ourselves this year. It was a nice quite day. Dylan had pinkeye and a cold, so he was a little miserable. It was nice to just spend a few days as a family. Dylan and Tyson are great helpers in the kitchen, these boys are going to be great cooks when they get older.
We even made some little individual pies, the boys loved those.
My family has a tradition that we do at our family Christmas Partys every year. We make homemade Christmas tree ornaments and an exchange game with them, everyone gets one even the babies. It has been fun in the past years and it is even more fun now because the boys get to help make their ornaments. We made these little mice for them, so cute and very simple.
This was the first year in quite a while that everyone was at the party. There were 35 of us jammed into my parents house. These are all of the grandkids. Tyson wasn't feeling good and didn't want to be in the pictures so Grandma and Dylan were holding him down. My dad is holding the 3 babies that were born this year.
And this is my whole family. I am very grateful for all of them. I wish we could spend more time together, I love them all and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.