Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had such a fun week leading up to Christmas.
It all started Monday evening for FHE, us, the Browns, Morriss, and Larsens went to sing Christmas carols at The Peaks. The boys were excited, they knew exactly what to do, they had seen an episode of Cailou and his family Christmas caroling to an assisted living home many times. Tyson was more interested in exploring and running around the place. Dylan was so cute, he has really enjoyed learning and singing Christmas songs this year. And for a kid who has a hard time in new situations and around people that he hasn't met before, he did so awesome. He was handing out candy canes and giving out hugs. I was so proud of him, he just loved all of those little Grandmas and Grandpas like they were his own. I know that they appreciated his little act of love. It was so nice to bring a little cheer into their lives. We will definately do that again.
The rest of the week we spend playing and baking and getting ready for the big night.
Christmas Eve, we had our second annual Night in Bethlehem. The kids love this, I love doing this, we eat bread, meat, cheese, with fruits and veggies. We sit on the floor, we act out a live Nativity. The kid loved getting dressed up and playing their parts. Dylan insisted on being Joseph, and Tyson was a shepard with Heath, and Austin. Riann was Mary, Shauna was Elizabeth, and Autumn was the angel. The dads were the wisemen.
We ended the night with some fun Christmas poems brought to us by Isaac, and Dylan has memories The Night Before Christmas and he told everyone that one. It was a great night, such a great way to prepare us for our Saviors birthday.
Dylan and Tyson actually slept in, which never happens. They were so excited to see that Santa had come. It was so fun to see the excitment on their little faces.
Tyson loves playing his daddy's guitar, so he got his own to jam on.
Dylan got trains and a train movie and a race track.
They both told Santa that they wanted teddy bears. They love these bears, Tyson's is almost as big as he is. He is so funny he will lay down on the floor and pretend like the bear is beating him up. No idea where he came up with that.
It was such a fun morning, we even got a visit from Grandma and Granddad Perkins. That was a great gift in it's self. Thanks for the visit.
That afternoon we drove to Tempe to visit Grandma and Grandpa Mortensen for a few days and to go to Great Grandpa Mortensen's Family Christmas Party.
We had such a wonderful Christmas, there is always stress and a little sickness involved, but worth every second to see those cute little faces so happy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, I am way behind.

We went to Tempe the weekend before Thanksgiving for a visit to Marty's family and to get family pictures. This is a tradition that Marty's mom has kept every year since she married Marty's dad. It is a good thing she does this because I wouldn't ever get family pictures.
We went to Freestone Park in Mesa. It is a beautiful park, and a very popular place for taking family pictures. I thought these turned out great.