Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Better late than never!

Here is my handsome kindergartner on his first day of school. He did totally awesome. Why did I fret and worry for the past year about this day? Probably because I hate to see him grow up so fast, and he is gone all day. I like having at home with us, I was worried about Tyson not having his buddy, and I knew life was going to get a bit more busy, oh ya, no more vacations during school months. But it's ok, the boys loves school, he loves his teachers, he loves his friends, he loves all the new things he is learning. He has started to read, which I am so excited about. It will open a whole new world for him. It is so fun to see how far he has come in only a couple of months. I love to see his confidence in himself, and how proud he is of himself when he accomplishes something new. Love it, love it, keep up the good work buddy.And Mister Spicy Tysie. He started preschool with Ms. Julie and with Lacy. He is such a fun kid, he keeps us on our toes. One day we were driving home from church and he asks"Mom what does separate mean?" I probably didn't do a very good job, I told him you take two things away from each other. I asked why. He said, "Sister Elson said she was going to seperate me and Issaac today at church." I laughed, he had no idea what she was talking about. I guess he and Issaac were talking a bit to much during singing time.

He loves everything he is learning, he comes home with great craft projects, he sings new songs to us and is learning so much about the world around him, he even learned how to write his name. Today he told me he wished he could go to school everyday. It is so fun to see how excited he gets as he trys to figure out what he is going to learn about that day. Don't grow up to fast Buddy.
The Saturday after school started I participated in the Climb To Conquer Cancer walk that goes to the top of Snow Bowl. I have wanted to do this every year since we came to Flag and finally my good friend Tera said she was on a team so I joined up. What a great experience. To climb that mountain was a bit hard, but not really hard. we walked with 4200 people alot of whom were cancer survivors, now that's hard work. All ages, all walks of life, Tera's niece Haley who is 9 is a cancer survivor, she is an amazing little girl. I felt very privelleged to get to know her better, see her strength and see her make it to the top.
Tessa at 3months old. we got these cool scarves on he climb.
Dylan turned 6 on the 31st of August. He wanted his usual chocolate cake, but this time with the Green Lantern symbol on it. I love his cheeks all puffed out.

He got to have one of his favorite buddies come and help him celebrate, and he got his favorite things, an angry bird, and Star wars legos. Can't believe he is 6.