Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Weekend

Last Friday we went to Tempe to spend a few days with Marty's family. We had a busy weekend planned, but we had alot of fun.
We dropped the boys off Friday morning with Grandma. Marty and I got to have a whole day date. We had a great day together, he is really fun to hang out with. To top off our date, he took me to Rubios for dinner. I love Rubios.
Saturday morning we went to Freeman Park for family pictures. It is a really popular place for pictures, I think there were 10 other families there taking pictures also.
There were some duck ponds, the boys loved watching to ducks and throwing dirt in the water.
I thought this was a cute one that I took of the boys.
There was a little kind of carnival inside to the park that had a train ride. We had a few minutes to wait before we could get into the park and this boy could hardly contain himself. He wanted to ride that train so bad. I snapped this pic of him waithing by the gate. Man he is one handsome boy. Tyson was very also very excited.
On the train.
There was a little ferris wheel. Dylan laughed the whole time and Tyson was very nervous, we finally got a little smile. Dylan rode three times.
After a morning of fun we went back to Grandmas had some lunch, all of us girls got ready to go to Phantom of the Opera, Marty took Dylan to a walk in clinic because he got pink eye, and Tyson took a nap.
Phantom was awesome, so glad I was able to go. The music, costumes, performance was just amazing. I loved it.
After Phantom Marty and I went to a friends wedding reception in Pheonix.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sick Days!

This is what happens at our house on sick days. We play marching band, Tyson plays in his underwear and Dylan and I in our pjs. We put a lot of miles on the trains and cars, did some crafts, colored and watched way to many movies. We are all feeling so much better though.
This was really fun. I have a stack of magazines and I had the boys go through and find pictures of things they are thankful for, we cut them our and glued them to foam sheets. It was fun to have them repeat back to their dad and grandparents the things they picked. I put a loop on them and they are hanging in the kitchen so they can see it everyday.
And this is what happens when I have a busy day of baking. I gave each of them a little flour in a bowl to drive there trucks through. The flour didn't stay in the bowls very long. Big mess but they were happy and let me finish my pies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 09 and a few other things.

Dylan and Tyson were so excited for Halloween, they even got to wear their costumes quite a few times which was nice. Dylan really wanted to be a mountain lion, but I couldn't find a mountain lion costume. He decided on being a brave lion. Isn't he so cute?
And here is my Tyson chicken. He actually had two costumes this year. The first was a dragon, which I bought a couple of months ago, then I saw these chickens at Old Navy. He had to be a chicken, for those of you who don't know, Marty calls him Tyson chicken. He did get to wear both costumes though.
Excited to go to the church for Trunk-or-Treating.
I tried a new breakfast the other day, pumpkin pancakes. I've wanted to make them for a long time, but I get a little nervous making new things around here, most of the time nobody likes it but me. Well this time was it was a hit, Marty liked them, and Dylan said, "Mom, I love pumpkin pancakes." Phew !
My mother-in-law showed me these cute stuffed pumpkins when I was down visiting last month. I decided to have the Achievment Day girls make them for our last activity. It was a huge success, they loved them. They all turned out so cute, and the girls even named their pumpkins. So I had six leftover and my goal for this month is to finish my unfinished projects and I really wanted to get these done. So here is one set, I think they are so cute.