Thursday, June 9, 2011

8 years

Marty and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on Sunday the 5th. We took the kids and a picnic and shot guns on Saturday to celebrate. Marty and I both got drawn for bull elk this fall and I am very rusty when it comes to shooting a large calibur rifle. I need alot of target practice and the boys love to go out to this cinder hill to climb, run and roll. We bring home alot of black cinders. Dylan taking a few shots with my Smith and Wesson. He didn't like it very well, little to much for his hands. I love watching my boys learn to shoot. I grew up around guns my whole life and both Marty and I really love to collect and shoot them. Keeping our kids safe is very important to us, so we decided that we were going to teach them gun safety at a very young age, you have to if you have guns in your home. We keep them locked up and they have to tell us the 3 rules of gun safety everytime they shoot a gun. Marty also plays a find the gun game with them, when they find the gun they aren't allowed to touch it, the first thing they do is tell an adult where they see it. It has been a great teaching tool to keep them safe if they ever come across a weapon in a weird location.
Tyson taking his turn. Next time we will bring a smaller gun with not so much kick.

Marty with his super cool gun. I love shooting this one as well.

We had a great time dispite the wind, the boys were great and Tessa slept the whole time, so we really got some good shooting in, needless to say I need alot more practice.

Sunday afternoon we were hanging out as a family, Dylan was making his own smoothie concoction and I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. I really am so blessed. I have wonderful kids, Dylan and Tyson have been so patient with me since Tessa has joined our family. They are such good buddies, they really do such a good job entertaining each other. Tessa is such a sweet baby, it just feels like she has always been here. I am grateful for Marty, he encourages me and supports me in whatever I want to do. I am thankful he chose me to spend eternity with. I love every minute that I get to spend with him. He is such a fun, kind, giving guy. I love him forever.

I am grateful for our wonderful families, and grateful to wonderful friends who help me when I need it most. I am grateful to my Savior for making up my mistakes when I just don't quite have everything together.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Tessa

Here are a couple pictures of our sweet Tessa. We just love her, she is a pleasant, calm baby. I love her sweet little baby sounds, I love it when she stretches and scrunches up her little legs, she is just a sweet as can be and she is growing to fast for me already. Her brothers love her and protect her already. Tyson gets a little rough at times because he loves on her so much. We are grateful she is here, it is like she has always been here. I am thankful for my little family, Dylan and Tyson are such wonderful boys, we have a great time with them. I am looking forward to the summer to hang out and play and enjoy friends and warm weather.
One of these days I will sit down and right down her birth story, it is hard to find time, but I will try.
Tessa had her two week appointment she only gained 2 1/2 ounces so she was up to 7lbs 4 1/2 ounces. but she grew about 2 inches in length, she was 21 3/4 inches.