Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tribute to the end of summer.

I know summer has been over for a while now, but I am slow.
I have to say that I loved this last summer, I was so sad when it came to an end. I guess this is one way to go back to those fun, warm summer days. I don't think we stayed home more than a handful of times during the week. We have such amazing, fun friends and there was always some adventure to go on. We hiked, swam, played at the park, and ate to our hearts content. So these are a few highlights of our last days of summer.
Lots of blue frosted cupcakes.
Breakfast with our sunglasses on.
The flood, this was the worst that we saw.
Chocolate milkshakes in the middle of the kitchen floor for breakfast.
A sandwich break in Kayenta.
And we couldn't leave Kayenta without a picture of a stray dog.
Tyson turned 3. Everytime he hears someone say 3, he says,"Hey, I'm 3."
The boys dug a hole for our underground water storage.
Keep digging Tys, you're almost done.
500 gallons of water storage, good job guys.
I tore the boys room apart for a remodel. It's not quite done yet, so I can't show the finished product. One day.
Building crazy cars on a day we were actually home.
Dylan turned 5.
The county fair, the boys always have such a fun time on the rides.
And of course the demolition derby, I didn't take one picture of that.
Thanks to everyone that made our summer the best one yet. We look forward to next year, we'll see what kind of fun we can stir up next year.