Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekend in Clay Springs

Last weekend we went to my parents house in Clay Springs for a family gathering and cleanup day. It was good to see alot of Aunts and Uncles and spend time with cousins that I haven't seen in years. The boys had such a fun time, especially Dylan. My dad has alot of animals and Dylan loved holding them.

I'm not sure where Tyson was all weekend, this is one of the only pics I got of him.
My mom and dad with the boys, Dylan had other more important things to do besides get his picture taken.
This is one of my dad's gardens.
Just hanging out with the guys.
Dylan found this pipe layed over some stumps, and said it was his horse, I guest he needed a horse to go along with all of the other animals.
One of the many baby bunnies at Granddad's house.
This is their baby pig, if you look really close through the fence you can see Dylan's head, he really liked the pig.
And this was Dylan's favorite part, the baby goats. One of the goats had twins, they are so sweet and cute. Dylan's first reactions was "Can I have one dad?"
This video is so funny, I am not sure that it is going to work though. Dylan and Macie, my sister's little girl, love to play together. They found a "stage" and did a little song and dance routine. It was so cute, Dylan loves to jump off of high things but he is a clutz. Enjoy, I hope, if not I will try it again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tyson's Birthday

Sunday the 27th was Tyson's birthday, I really wanted to post some baby pictures, but I can't seem to fine where I put them, so here is one of him eating his cake. He didn't really eat it, but he really liked to squish it and smear it all over himself.
Here is just some random information about Tyson, he is the sweetest kid, always looking for a hug or a kiss. He has a scream that makes your ears ring. He loves to be outside, and screams when he has to come in the house. He eats anything he can find. Words include, daddy, this, that, nana(banana), night, night, mama, D(Dylan). He loves to laugh, and play with his brother. We love him to death.
Stats from the doc:
Height: 31 1/2 inches 90%
Weight: 24 lbs 13 ounces 75%

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun in Tonto Creek

Last weekend we went to visit Marty's parents at their cabin in Tonto Village, near Payson. We always have a good time. After we got there on Friday, we decided to take the boys to the creek and do a little fishing. The rest of the time we just relaxed and let the boys play, we had a great time. Sorry this pics are totally out of order.

Dylan really likes marshmellows.

We had to keep taking Tyson out of the creek to put him in the sun to warm up.

This would have been cute if we were looking at the camera.

Dylan really likes to collect sticks in the forest and pretent to build a fire.
Dylan likes to play baseball, he is going to make us alot of money someday.

Look at that handsome kid.
Dylan telling Tyson to be quite and not splash because he was going to scare all the fish away.
Tyson splashing anyway.

This kid has no fear of water, he just plopped himself in the cold water and splashed to his hearts content. He didn't care one bit that is was cold. We had to take him out a few times and put him in the sun to warm him up and he just screamed.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swimming lessons

We were finally able to do some swimming lessons with Dylan, today was our last day. The first day was pretty rough, first off we were late, Dylan does not like showers at all, so he wouldn't rinse off to get in, then he didn't want to get in the pool, finally after long exhausting talk he got in. He got to play for about 10 minutes then lessons were over and quess what he didn't want to get out. He has improved one hundred percent from the first day. He now loves his shower power, as we call them now, he loves to get in the pool, hold his breath and let me put his head under, but he still hates to get out. This is quit embarrassing because he screams and thrashes around, so I just throw him over my shoulder and climb up the steps and all of the other parents stare at me like I am nuts or something. So I have been doing this for two weeks and my back has been killing, so on our last day I treated myself with a little visit to the chiropractor, it was much needed and I feel great. Most important I am so proud of Dylan he has overcome alot of his fears, I think he will be much more confident that he can do anything he wants to. Good Job buddy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It has been a while, I keep thinking I don't have anything to blog about, then I start thinking and I realized I have alot to blog about.

Dylan and I just had the funniest conversation, I don't know where it came from.

I was reading my emails and Dylan was coloring and I think he accidently drew an ice cream cone.

He comes over to me
Dylan: My tummies growling.
Me: Oh, your tummy is growling, are you hungry?
Dylan: Ya
Me: Do you want some apple sauce?
Dylan: No, tummyache.
Me: Oh, you have a tummy ache.
Dylan: I need an ice cream cone.

I just laughed, sorry dude not at 8:30 in the morning.

I will post some more later,

Our computers have been on the fritz lately, I think it has to do with the fact that we have two kids who are absessed with them. The laptops have been spit up on, had water dumped on them, dropped, stepped on, beat on, there are little bits of crackers and bread and who knows what else caked around the keys. A few weeks ago something sticky got around the enter key, it is kind of hard to do anything without an enter key. Oh ya and the ac adapters don't work very, the batteries don't stay charged, we have to keep them plugged into the wall and if it gets bumped just right it shuts off right in the middle of typing an email, or blogging. The sad part is they are only like 2 years old, we bit the bullet and ordered a new one. Dylan and Tyson can have the old broken ones, but I am pretty sure they will like the new one better.