Sunday, March 14, 2010

I forgot one thing. Tyson loves the Three Little Pigs, which he calls the Ten Little Pigs. Dylan and Tyson can be found playing this alot during the day. They switch from being the pigs, to the big bad wolf. I love it when Tyson is the pig, he is so cute when he says, "Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin I will not let you in." It is seriously so funny. And then when he is the wolf, and he huffs and puffs really hard to blow the house in. Sometimes if I ask him to do something like, Tyson can you please eat your dinner. He says, "I'm not Tyson, I'm the big bad wolf." And I have to ask, "Big bad wolf, can you please eat your dinner?" Then he happily does so. Funny kid.

This Boy!

I just had to do a post about this boy of mine. I love the stage that he is in most of the time. He is 2 1/2 and is mister independent in a lot of things, but still wants almost everything done for him. We butt heads a bit in this area. He is so funny and super smart. He loves to laugh at himself and funny things that people say. He says the funniest things, a few of my favorites, "Oh, I am so proud of you." to himself after he finds something he has lost. After a little episodes of anger, "I'm getting happy." Then a pause, "I'm happy now." And he'll throw his hands up in the air and be so excited. All happening with in about 20 seconds. Makes me laugh everytime. And "OK, maybe I can do it."
He is growing so much, he just went through a huge growth spurt, all of his cute baby fat is almost gone. He's going to be long and lean like his dad and brother. I had to get out 4T pants for him, it kind of made me sad, he is only 2.
We have also been working on potty training, I think he is finally potty trained. Ya ho.
I love, love this boy. He still lets me hold him like a baby and cuddle him and kiss his sweet cheeks. He is fun to be around and play with, he has really gotten into playing make believe lately, he loves to play with his trains on the Island of Sodor. He loves to play with his brother, and gets so excited when we go pick him up from school. I am glad that they are such good buddies.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

When the wind blows in Doney Park!

This is what happens to roofs. This so happens to be our roof.
I came home from doing an errand Friday morning and the back porch was leaking. I thought to myself, That's no good. I told Marty, he came home and got out the ladder to take a peak and this is what he found. Gotta love those 60 mile an hour wind gusts. That's why we have homeowners insurance right?