Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry, this is backwards scroll to the bottom first.

These are some pumpkins that my dad grew, the picture doesn't do it justice. These things are huge. I kept trying to get Dylan to sit on one so you could really tell how big they are, but he wouldn't. The pumpkin patch is so cool.
This is what my mom and I canned, 23 pints of beets, I loooooooooovvvvvveeee beets, and 13 pints of tomatoes.
My parents have a wood burning stove and my dad has cut wood his whole life, it is getting harder and harder for him to get it, but he still loves to go out and cut is every year, he also really loves good help. While we canned, my dad, brother and Marty went and cut two loads of wood. They were gone all day and were very tired and dirty when they got back. Marty had fun, but he was pretty sore the next day. You can see why, those pieces of wood are huge.
Marty tells a better story of what happens when you go cut wood with my dad and brother.

Tyson playing peek-a-boo. Grandma and Granddad have the best toys to ride on, this little pedal tractor is a favorite and Tyson loved it when it was his turn.

Dylan spent alot of the weekend trying to catch baby bunnies. He would just climb right in the hutches with the rabbits and catch a baby, there are only like 17 babies. He came home with some pretty good scratched on his face, arms and hands. I was never with him when he did it, so I didn't get a pic. He was holding one of the bunnies on Sunday, he says to me, "I take this one home." He looks over at the mom and says,"Sorry mommy." He looks down at the baby and says, "Sorry baby." We had a good laugh.

Can someone please explain to me why the days and months go by so fast? I have been running around crazy for the last month. Doing what? I have no idea, but it seems like there is always something that needs to be done. I haven't even returned phone calls from friends, sorry Kristi. The good thing is that we are all healthy as horses and the kiddos are happy, for the most part.

We went to visit my parents last weekend. My baby sister turned 24, that's impossible because I'm 24. We saw her sweet baby Collin, such a cute kid, little skinny for a 5 month old, well not really, my kids were just huge at that age. Who knows where the camera was, so I didn't get any pics, next time.

My parents garden is huge, they have enjoyed all of the delicious veggies and so have all the neighbors and have of Flagstaff. My dad says that giving it away is half of the fun.

My mom and I canned beets and tomatoes all day on Saturday. I grew up canning with my mom, she does an amazing job. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baking Dylan's Birthday Cake!

I let Dylan help make his birthday cake, he was a good helper and had a fun time.

He likes to brake the eggs, we only had to fish out the shells of one.

He did such a good job, he bugged me the whole day to let him eat one.
I had to frost it while he was taking a nap, and I forgot to take a picture. Then I had to hide it. He kept asking for it after he woke up.

This was the final product. My mother-in-law gave me a cookbook called the Cake Doctor and this was one of her recipes. I thought it turned out pretty well.

We hauled the cake out into the forest, we ate dinner with friends, and Dylan blow out his candles and we had cake and ice cream. Not many three year olds get to have a birthday party in the forest. We are so luck to live in a place where we can enjoy beautiful forest only a couple of minutes from our house.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lost and Found!

Dylan found the camera, hip, hip, hurrah.
I stayed home from church yesterday because Dylan was sick, at one point he was jumping on the couch(ya, real sick huh) and I was in the kitchen. He said something,"Look mom opening presents." I looked over and he was looking at his birthday pictures on the camera. I was so excited, I was jumping up and down, and hugging him, and kissing him, I was so excited. Now I can show you all of the cute pics that I took last weekend.
Last Saturday Dylan found this pretty butterfly in the garden. The poor thing had a broken wing so it couldn't go very far.
Dylan was mesmerized by it, he played with and held it and talked to for a really long time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

So sad!

I lost my camera! I am so frustrated with myself because I can't remember what I did with it. I have turned my house upside down looking for it. I am pretty sure it got thrown out with the trash from Dylan's birthday. I am so sad because it had the cutest pics of the boys from last weekend. I will just tell you about them since you can't see them. We took the boys to the fair, we saw the animals and then Dylan decided he would like to try some rides, we all rode the ferriswheel, Dylan then wanted to ride a little train. I didn't think he would ride by himself so I went with him. There was a little bumble bee ride next to the train and he wanted to ride that one also. No one could ride with him on it so I strapped him in and I told him he was going to have to ride by himself, he said "OK!" If any of you know Dylan and how he is about being left alone and he didn't kick and scream, I was shocked. I got the cutest pictures of him riding the bee, he was so happy and proud of himself for doing it alone.
I took pics of Dylan helping me make his birthday cake.
And finally, Dylan's birthday was on Sunday. I am so sad all of his 3rd birthday pics are gone.
No use crying over spilled milk.
Today we spent the morning at the Route 66 Days. It was basically just an antique car show, some people had craft booths and food booths set up. Marty loves old cars so we walked around for a couple of hours and looked at cars. The boys did so good, it was kind of our first Saturday outing in Flagstaff. It was a little warm out, we took the stroller and the boys just hung out and were happy. I was so glad, it was a happy, delightful day. I think we will do it again.