Thursday, October 23, 2008

Harvest Festival and Dylanisms.

Sorry it's been a while.
Last weekend we took the boys to a little harvest festival at Warner's Nursery. We met up with the Ross' and let the boys run around for a while.

Dylan and Cooper decorating some yummy cookies, they also painted some nice rocks.
Sorry about the big bum behind you Cooper. That lady just wouldn't move so I could get a good picture.

There was a little petting zoo, Dylan loved this guinea pig. There were some rabbits and some chickens and llamas. We let Tyson pet one of the rabbits and he isn't the kindest kid to animals, and he latched on to this poor little bunny, it totally freaked out. I have it on the video camera.

Tyson decided that these buckets of trees were a nice place to sit.

Tyson sitting on top of the hay maze,

Dylan and Cooper had fun chasing each other through the maze.
Sorry this may not be appropriate but I think it is funny,
Dylan was going number 2 the other day and it wasn't going as smoothly as he was hoping for, so he is sitting there pushing, " It's harder." he says, I said, " It's hard to push out?" He says,"Yes", then he says, "It hurts my feelings."
I had a good laugh.
Last night after baths, Dylan climbs on the toilet and then onto the counter and he is looking at himself in the mirror and laughing and talking. I was sitting on the floor getting Tyson dressed. I said,"Dylan you need to get down or you are going to slip and crack you head open and then we will have to take you to the hospital." Dylan says, "Ok, I'll get a new head."
Dylan likes to stand on his chair at the table. A few weeks ago he starting saying what the giant says out of Jack and The Bean Stalk, Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an englishman. This morning at breakfast he stands up and says," Fe Fi Fo Fum a smelly englishman." Sometimes he gets words mixed and jumbled. I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Could this be a problem?

This is going to be a big problem. Yesterday I was helping Dylan out in the bathroom and when I came back into the kitchen this is what I found. This is a recreation of course, he climbed on the table a zillion times yesterday. Dylan was about this same age when I caught him standing on the counter. I had to take all the chairs away from the bar. I think I will have to do it again, and take Tyson to the bathroom with us from now on. Tyson kind of looks like a little troll in this pictures. Kids gotta love um.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week in review!

Sorry no pics this time. Just a few things that have been going on this week. We had the boys last day of gymnastics on Thursday. I think Dylan is going to miss it, he loved the trampolines.

We rode the quads alot this week. Monday night we saw 6 deer, all females and then on Wedesday we saw 6 more, 4 males and 2 females. We love going out and spending as much time as we can riding and walking around. The boys look forward to it. We have bought the boys all of their winter clothes so we can spend a little bit more time out there and they won't get cold.

I finally finished canning my tomatoes, that was a job, but it was well worth the work. I got 53 pints and 32 quarts.

I do not know how to make sugar cookies, but I always try to make a batch and use cut outs to match the season. I tried my hand at a batch this week. My record still holds, they did not turn out. Dylan loves to help, and he loves to use the cut outs, so I guess it doesn't really matter that they didn't turn out. He was happy, and he ate them anyways.

Tyson is a smarty pants these days, he soaks up everything, good and bad. He has been saying "no, no" for quite a while and this week he has added smacking Dylan in the head and saying "no,no", he has even been hitting me. Where did my sweet baby go? I thought it was funny the first time he did it, and I thought it was just some fluck thing. I didn't think it would stick around, then he kept doing it over and over again. How do I teach a 14 month old that hitting is not nice. Hopefully since he learned it, he can unlearn it. If that makes any since.

I am so thankful for my kiddos, I am thankful that I can stay home with them. I love being their mom. I love all of the adventures that they take me on everyday.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I ve had the boys in gymnastics the last couple of months, they have both loved it. They love to run around on the soft floor, do forward rolls, hands stands for Dylan, rings, and the best thing of all the trampolines. Dylan calls them bouncolines. He loves, loves them. We all had a fun time, but I am kind of glad the classes are coming to an end. We will do it again in the spring maybe. Flagstaff Gymnastics is building a new place, it will be open next summer. It looks totally awesome, I am excited for the indoor batting cages. Marty and I spent alot of time at the batting cages in the Valley, we have missed not having them up here. Kind of weird that Flagstaff has never had batting cages. Hope you enjoy the little video, Dylan makes me laugh. Oh, and the farting noises in the back ground is Tyson giving me raspberries on my arm, I promise.