Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your hands smell like pee!

Funny story..
A couple of weeks ago I was dropping Dylan off at Primary and I gave him a hug and told him goodbye, somehow my hand was near his nose and his said, "Your hand smells like pee." I was taken back and didn't know what to say, but " I washed my hands when I went potty". I didn't think anything of it until sometime this week I was playing with Tyson and he was playing with my hands and said, "You hands smew wike pee, mommy." "What?" was my reaction. I smelt them they didn't stink to me. So my question is why do my boys think I smell like pee? It could be for the fact that I spend alot of time in the bathroom with them, Tyson is still potty training, and Dylan thinks I have to go with him because something is going to get him. I promise I wash my hands, I feel like a millions times a day. I guess there are just some smells that won't wash off after awhile, according to my kids. I even had Marty smell them and he said they didn't smell. Maybe they are just being boys.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And this is what happens..

....when you play baseball with Mom in the house.
We were just playing a friendly little game of ball and I hit the ball a little to hard and it smacked Dylan right in the mouth. He was so sad. And I felt horrible.
Poor guy. Sorry buddy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Project!

My unorganized laundry room was driving me crazy, and we were snowed in one day, Marty needed a project, so he put up another shelf for me. He also needed something heavy to sit on the shelf so he could get it level. Thank goodness for heavy kids because I really didn't want to get up there. Tyson loved it. I am grateful for a handy hubby.
I am a little embarrassed to show this mess, but the after picture is so worth it.
My mother-in-law gave me some can organizers, made by shelfreliance, for my birthday. It took a whole to take everything off of the shelf and reorganize with the can rotaters. The kids had so much fun taking stuff off the shelf, then there were boxes. The ended up playing cars with them for a while. Then Dylan and Tyson helped but all the canned stuff away. It was like a party they had a blast. They still go in there and play with them. Putting groceries away now is so much easier because the boys want to do it. Hurry, they don't even realize they are helping out, don't tell them either, they'll stop.
And the after, it looks so much better.I am so thankful to have food on my shelves. I was just reading an email about some members of the church that are in Haiti, they have almost nothing. They have little drinking water, but they have enough other water to make sure they had clean clothes to wear to church. It is very humbling to see them in their circumstances, you can just see the faith in their eyes, they know they have nothing but feel blessed to be among the living and have the gospel in their lives.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Storm January 2010

That brown spot by the fench is Bear. He loved all the snow. Marty started throwing a frizzbee for him in the front yard, he found it everytime in all that snow.
We'll just shovel the snow off of the lawn for you Dad.
The boys loved sliding down the slide with the snow on it. They would go down, wait a while then go down again. Eventually it got to the point where they would only go down a couple of feet and get stuck, but they had a blast.
The Abominable Tyson(sorry that is probably spelled wrong)
Lots of snow, tons of fun, got to stay home and work on projects. I am sad that JoAnn's roof caved in, I need some fabric. I was also thinking about putting Dylan into skating lessons, he really wants to play hockey, but the ice skating rink fell in as well. Oh well.