Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The last three months have been a blur, and have passed way to fast.

After we returned from Hawaii, Tessa got the croup and ended up in the hospital. Talk about scary, I was pretty much numb through the whole thing. I hadn't slept in about 2 days, I felt like I was in a bad dream. She got better and we enjoyed the rest of our Christmas holidays. We had a wonderful Christmas, the boys were super excited about their RC cars.

Tessa had a great 1st Christmas, her she is in her Christmas dress.
In her first Christmas outfit.

We have had such a mild winter. We have been able to enjoy some nice sunny days outside, which is Tessas most favorite place to be.

In early January we enjoyed yet another sunny Saturday, and decided to go on a little hike with the Browns. Marty took us to some cool caves up near Mt Elden.

The rocks were massive that formed the caves.

Tessa was pretty fussy towards the end, I figured she was just tired, little did I know she would wake up with the croup again. She got better again, and turned back into our happy baby again.

Her she is @ 8 months.

I was starting to go stir crazy with having sick kids over and over and totally stressed out about it. I was about to go off my rocker and was in major need of a little vacation and some warm sunshine. So we went to Tempe for a few days. It was so relaxing and warm just what I needed. When we got home we had a little problem. I pipe in the floor sprung a leak and flooded a good part of the house. Good thing Marty is a plumber and knew just what to do, I just stood in the water soaked hallway and wondered where to start. Marty is pretty amazing, by 8:30 that night he got fans and dehumidifiers, took up the tile, jack hammered up the floor, fixed the leak, poured concrete, took up the old thin set, and layed new tile. Myself on the other hand, still had no idea what to do, so I made food, I think. So that was another week of craziness until we got the carpet dried out, carpet restretched, carpets cleaned and new base boarders painted and put up. I do feel very organized though. I guess when you have to move all of the furniture to the kitchen and living room you really think about what is going back, so that was a good thing. We also finally finished a drywall patchup from about 4 years ago. I am glad we are done, on to the next adventure.

And through all of that this little one turned 9 months old,look at that sweet face,stats are weight 15lbs 13 oz 13%, height 28 1/4 inches 72%. She is about 7 lbs lighter than her brothers were at this age and 2 inches shorter. She is a sweet happy baby for the most part, she is getting better at naps, thank heavens. She loves her brothers, and she is pretty content to play by herself sometime.


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